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Who We Are

True organisational success comes from making sure you set up the “right” conditions for your people to thrive and focus on what counts.

All organisations across the globe, no matter what sector or geography, must continually learn to adapt and grow in what can often be rapidly changing markets and environments. The uncertainty of environmental conditions, expectations from customers, shareholders and regulators, as well as rapidly changing technologies, means it has become more important than ever to understand what workforce conditions you need to maintain staff well-being and align your workforce to focus on what counts. When external events and all the surrounding noise that comes with these events threaten to derail your workforce, your purpose and make it difficult to execute on your strategic plans, Appellon can help you apply the rite psychological workforce conditions that will set you up for success.

For over a decade, Appellon has been providing evidenced based psychological insights and solutions that support workforce well-being and align staff to remain focused on the goals that count. We are passionate about applying psychological benefits that come from having a workforce that experiences collective achievement and connection with your organisational goals and objectives. At Appellon, we are always looking for the win/win - improve well-being while achieving organisational goals.
Our History

Our core beliefs are guided by science and psychology. It is these beliefs that we live by, unifies our actions and behaviours.

Appellon started back in 2008, when founding director Sue Jauncey created a business called Pulse. The first product she developed was known as Board Pulse, from the success of this product, Boards asked Sue if she could apply the same methodology to Leaders and to Workforce. The products and business quickly grew on both a national and international scale, reaching Europe in 2010, New Zealand 2014 and the UK in 2017. Since then, market demand for our unique methodology has continue to support many industry sectors, particularly in aged care, health, education, government and manufacturing. It is Appellon’s belief that we can provide exceptional workforce conditions if we apply the right science and psychology that allows our staff to thrive and become invested in the company’s achievements.

Our Capabilities

Appellon provides unique solutions aimed at harnessing human capability to private, government, as well as ASX- and FTSE-listed boards, management teams and organisations. From supporting global corporates through to NFPs, Appellon has assisted organisations realise and harness the capability of their people and significantly improve their overall business performance. We have helped our clients  to overcome challenges in a number of key areas, like improving workforce well-being revenue growth, productivity, goal achievement, connection to purpose, health and safety, all through understanding the application of science and psychology in ways that help leaders to Lead-Rite and workforce to Work-Rite.
Transition to Appellon Brand

In 2019, after two years of innovating our software solutions and further global expansions, the business decided to rebrand. We changed our name to Appellon, working under a name that combines wisdom and knowledge and is as unique as what we offer!

Our Signature Behaviours

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