Culture Assessment

Appellon's unique Culture Assessment is a ground-breaking tool for any CEO or leadership group looking for comprehensive understanding and insight into their current culture state. As a stand-alone program within the Appellon Suite, Culture Assessment is able to offer decision makers some wisdom and recommendations to drive the necessary culture change and performance improvement within an organisation.


Why is it important to have a great company culture?

Outperform the competition by 20%

because there is a clear link between happiness, productivity and performance.

46% of job seekers

cite company culture as very important when choosing to apply to a company.

57% of staff are more productive

take less time off and are more loyal when employers create a culture of wellbeing.


Organisations should audit their finances and culture!

Culture Assessment Summary
Any organisation can benefit from the Appellon Culture Assessment. Your organisation may be going through, or is about to go through, significant change and may need some wisdom and support in relation to its current culture state. Clients have used our insights during mergers and acquisitions, onboardings of new CEOs, and even when rebranding.
Culture Assessment Outcomes
  • You may have used a staff engagement survey tool in recent times but struggled to generate positive change in the process. Our Culture Assessment program provides actionable insights and recommended activities to drive behavioural change.
  • Appellon's Culture Assessment does not reinforce distracting or poor behaviours but audits the degree of your personnel's set-up that determines their ability to work collectively and in alignment with your organisation's goals.
  • Culture Assessment provides a range of measures to guide Boards and executives in their decision making.
  • It provides the foundation and benchmarks for true behavioural and performance improvement.

What does our Culture Assessment measure?

Appellon's Culture Assessment empirically measures six key areas. It provides you with relevant behavioural and cultural insights and recommendations that are tailored to your organisation's specific results. Appellon's assessments can be done remotely and, for large organisations, involve one-on-one interviews and staff focus groups.

#1 Net Culture Indicator (NCI)

The degree to which your workforce are aligned and working towards collectively achieving the organisation's common goals.

#2 Net Leadership Indicator (NLI)

The  degree to which leaders are aligned, demonstrate wise leadership and have the workforce focused on the shared goals.

#3 Net Behaviour Indicator (NBI)

The  degree to which your workforce are aligned to your core values/behaviours and are focused on the strategic common goals.

#4 Collective Achievement (CAI)

The degree to which your workforce, across the organisation, are engaged
in behaviours that reinforce a collective approach to their work and role.

#5 Referral Indicator (RI)

The measurement of the employees' experience and the impact your personnel have on the business growth.

#6 Risk Retention Indicatpr (RRI)

The degree to which your workforce are genuinely considering leaving the organisation  in the near future.

Global organisations have trusted Appellon for more than seven years to outperform their rivals within respective markets.

Meet some of the companies we have helped
Aged Care Results

The impact we have had on the performance of financial and operations teams within leading health organisations and their overall culture speak for themselves:

  • Reduction from 1.8 to 0.7   in workers compensation incurred claims per $1M wages
  • Reduction of 50% in agency costs
  • Accreditation noncompliance reduced 
    from 23 to 0
  • 2 x profit* (EBITDA) per care bed $12,000
  • 10 x ROI $200K investment, $2M return – Beachside
Valued Customer
Government Results

The impact we have had on the performance of financial and operations teams within government organisations and their overall culture speak for themselves:

  • For the first time achieved six million customers
  • Reached 92% satisfaction rate across nearly 9,000 surveys
  • Greatest ever line-up of world-class events
  • For the first time ever rofitable on an EBIDTA basis (we will announce a multi-million dollar profit shortly!)
Valued Customer
Healthcare Results

The impact we have had on the performance of financial and operations teams within leading health organisation and their overall culture speak for themselves:

  • Walked out of special measures within two years
  • Cleared an 8,000 film backlog in radiology
  • A 12% increase in theatre utilisation
  • A £450K reduction in recruitment costs
  • Additionally, £600K recouped in workforce savings
  • A 10% reduction in bank and agency costs
  • A £398K reduction in leadership development training
Valued Customer

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To what degree is your workforce aligned with the right behaviours to achieve the agreed performance goals?

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