Leadership Connect

Given the enormity of change since the arrival of COVID-19, leaders have had no option but to adapt to remote/onsite working practices and management styles, profoundly changing their work patterns and weathering enforced lockdowns whilst striving for workplace optimisation.

The Leadership Connect platform is a stand alone software within the Appellon Suite. It helps CEOs, CFOs, managers and other leaders develop new post-COVID-19 skills, manage increased workforce stress levels, as well as establish and enhance the 'new normal' standards of leadership. Participants learn how to enable their staff and wider society to thrive in this 'new normal' working environment.


The world has changed, so leadership must change with it

Staff want to spend 50%

of their time at the office, whereas managers would prefer them to spend 69% of the time there. To thrive in 2020 and beyond, working remotely requires new SaaS driven leadership styles.

69% of staff believe

payment for time is now outdated. In the future, success will be driven by meeting the needs of the business through working to agreed contract outcomes, irrelevant of the time spent working.
Learn how to optimise the 'new normal' way of working together.

30% of people

showed moderate to high anxiety and depression levels due to working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown. Leaders are not immune to stress either. Learn the strategies to cope and thrive during the COVID-19 period and thereafter.


Learn how to practise visionary leadership, to dignify and honour the lives of people you lead and, thus, achieve agreed organisational outcomes!

Leadership Connect Platform Summary
The Appellon SaaS Suite assists you to wisely lead your team as well as understand and assess in an objective manner the challenges you are presented with. You will find new ways to clarify your vision that fully engages and connects your team, creating long-term loyalty whilst driving performance.
Leadership Connect Outcomes
  • Learn how to maximise team productivity of remote and on-site workers.
  • Drive breakthrough innovation and define a competitive edge.
  • Remain agile and effectively respond to challenges as and when they arise.
  • Promote a sense of achievement and connectivity.
  • Learn how to understand and assess workplace challenges objectively.
  • Make objective and wise decisions, ensuring outcomes that are in the best interests of your organisation.
  • Tap into the four key dimensions: personal accountability, commercial confidence, collective achievement and constructive objectivity.

Leadership Connect

Leadership Connect focusses on harnessing the emotional responses, knowledge application and reflection skills needed to lead wisely and objectively.


The Appellon Leadership Connect is ideal for executives, leaders and the wider
management personnel.


Leaders learn how to become wiser, growing their clarity and resilience, and increasing their inner self-worth while experiencing a sense of connection and achievement.


Leaders adopt a de-personalised approach that allows them to focus on decisions that support the  best interests of all.


The platform assesses the development of applied wiser leadership principles and behaviours through peer and colleague reviewed 'checkpoints'.


You will have ongoing support  from your own specialist Appellon Program Director and the team.


Every participant of the Leadership Connect will have access to their own personal dashboard showing ongoing learning results and performance trends.


At every checkpoint, the CEO will have access to an organisational dashboard to access overall performance results, reports, findings and insights.


Four dimensions of assessment, including the areas of personal accountability and commercial confidence.

Global organisations have trusted Appellon for more than seven years to outperform their rivals within respective markets.

Meet some of the companies we have helped
Aged Care Results

The impact we have had on the perormance of financial and operations teams within leading health organisations and their overall culture speak for themselves:

  • Reduction from 1.8 to 0.7   in workers compensation incurred claims per $1M wages
  • Reduction of 50% in agency costs
  • Accreditation noncompliance reduced 
    from 23 to 0
  • 2 x profit* (EBITDA) per care bed $12,000
  • 10 x ROI $200K investment, $2M return – Beachside
Valued Customer
Government Results

The impact we have had on the performance of financial and operations teams within government organisations and their overall culture speak for themselves:

  • For the first time achieved six million customers
  • Reached 92% satisfaction rate across nearly 9,000 surveys
  • Greatest ever line-up of world-class events
  • For the first time ever profitable on an EBIDTA basis (we will announce a multi-million dollar profit shortly!)
Valued Customer
Healthcare Results

The impact we have had on the performance of financial and operations teams within health organisations and their overall culture speak for themselves:

  • Walked out of special measures within two years
  • Cleared an 8,000 film backlog in radiology
  • A 12% increase in theatre utilisation
  • A £450K reduction in recruitment costs
  • Additionally, £600K recouped in workforce savings
  • A 10% reduction of bank and agency costs
  • A £398k reduction in leadership development training
Valued Customer

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