Team Connect

Team connect is part of the Appellon SaaS Suite, trusted by more than 100,000 users.  Team Connect, as its name implies, was designed to support remote and office-based teams in staying connected and focused on their goal achievement. Team Connect is proven to collectively promote wellbeing of individuals while improving their financial and
performance outcomes.


Cost-cutting does not work. Companies must focus on creating highly effective and exceptionally productive teams.

Team Connect provides a framework to do this.
The digital platform connects leaders and personnel to work collaboratively, focussing on achieving performance goals and objectives according to their priority.
Team Connect - Outcomes:
  • Accelerates performance through measurement and promoting accountability
  • Keeps personnel aligned and focussed on goal achievement
  • Allows leaders and staff to remain agile and responsive to challenges as and when they arise
  • Provides continuous reinforcement of messaging down through to the front line
  • Results in team achievement and connection, and improves self-worth
  • Has leaders and employees working in the best interests of their teams and organisations, not those of individuals
  • Empirically measures performance and behavioural outputs

Covid-19 pandemic spurs on the need for Team Connect.

Remote workers need tools which support them in their circumstances better.
An almost 1,000%

increase in both the availability of and the interest in remote work, according to Google Trends.

Two out of three

people are not comfortable about going back to their workplace as the COVID-19 pandemic lingers.

30% of people

showed moderate to high levels of anxiety and depression as a result of working from home during the Covid-19 lockdown.


Global organisations have trusted Appellon for more than seven years to outperform their rivals within respective markets.

Meet some of the companies we have helped
Aged Care Results

The impact we have had on the performance of financial and operations teams within leading organisations and their overall culture speak for themselves:

  • Reduction from 1.8 to 0.7 in workers compensation incurred claims per $1M wages
  • Reduction of 50% in agency costs
  • Accreditation noncompliance reduced 
    from 23 to 0
  • 2 x profit* (EBITDA) per care bed $12,000
  • 10 x ROI $200K investment, $2M return – Beachside

Valued Customer
Government Results

The impact we have had on the performance of financial and operations teams within government organisations and their overall culture speak for themselves:

  • For the first time achieved six million customers
  • Reached 92% satisfaction rate across nearly 9,000 surveys
  • Greatest ever line up of world-class events
  • For the first time ever profitable on an EBIDTA basis (we will announce a multi-million dollar profit shortly!)
Valued Customer
Healthcare Results

The impact we have had on the performance of financial and operations teams within leading health organisations and their overall culture speak for themselves:

  • Walked out of special measures within two years
  • Cleared an 8,000 film backlog in radiology
  • A 12% increase in theatre utilisation
  • A £450K reduction in recruitment costs
  • Additionally, £600K recouped in workforce savings
  • A 10% reduction in bank and agency costs
  • A £398K reduction in leadership development training
Valued Customer

Team Connect Key Features

Management Insights

The designated Team Leader can now gain structured and sustainable understanding and insights into teams' productivity and behaviours.

Accountable Reporting

The Team Connect platform offers transparent reporting of their team‘s goals and behavioural results through a live dashboard which can be accessed by the entire team.

Performance Driven

Team Connect drives team connection through both communicating and measuring the team's agreed behaviours and performance goals.

Improve Wellbeing

Team members feel a sense of achievement, self-worth and connection. They also improve their sense of wellbeing and psychological resilience, which reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Easy to manage

Team members feel a sense of achievement, self-worth and connection. They also improve their sense of wellbeing and psychological resilience, which reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Team Connect

The program guides participants through specifically sequenced topics, activities and tasks aimed at building inner resilience.
Managing a program of work
Team Leaders can engage their teams in an end-to-end program of work aimed at aligning and measuring the impact of remote team performance on goal achievement. In addition, team members gain the knowledge of psychological tools required to develop better internal resilience and wellbeing. Teams can use Team Connect to grow and thrive while facing unprecedented environmental change, outperforming as a team at the same time.

Old ways of working no longer create value
Organisations have been navigating a 'new world' and new ways of working  since the digital revolution began 25 years ago. In that time, significant events, such as the Global Financial Crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, have spurred on and magnified the need for organisations to rely more upon technology-based solutions to resolve workplace challenges.

It should not surprise anyone, then, that we will not make an impact in this 'new world' using old ways of working. Therefore, whether the COVID-19 crisis continues or subsides, many organisations must find a new balance between remote and office-based work and teams.
Works with all types of teams

Team Connect supports a range of different team types by connecting their goals and behaviours with accountable and measurable outputs through a robust psychology-based framework. It works with:

  • remote working teams
  • operational (BAU) teams
  • project and matrix-based teams
  • interim and crisis response teams
  • working groups and committees

Team Connect benefits all departments

  • supports your people in times of stress and anxiety
  • provides a scalable platform for your entire organisation
  • reports on engagement to further support individuals
  • designed by a Registered Psychologist to support your team better

Benefits for Executives & CEOs:

  • empowers all managers with a practical tool to support their people across the organisation
  • builds more resilient and capable workforce
  • increase productivity by supporting your people

Benefits for the workforce:

  • builds inner resilience whilst reducing stress and anxiety levels
  • self-paced and available on any device, at any time
  • provides direction to further support and resources if you feel you need them
  • completely anonymous so your personal information is secure

Benefits for CFOs:

  • increased profitability
  • reduction in sick days
  • reduction in staff turnover and replacement costs

Benefits for Board members:

  • promotes organisation-wide wellbeing
  • ensure your organisation supports employees who experience stress and anxiety

Try a demo of Team Connect today to learn how it can help you

Build personal resilience for yourself and live happier and mentally healthier.

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