The annual Cost of Work related stress to the US economy is estimated at $US2.2 Trillion or 12% of US GDP

Early Stage Staff Depression Prevention

  • Depression can effect anyone
    It surfaces at least once in the lifetime of 1 in 5 adults, rendering them by definition non-functional for a very minimum of 2 weeks of their working lives. However, it is not a secret that depression is underreported and remains an unwelcome, recurring guest in many homes.
  • COVID-19 is increasing the anxiety of staff
    The onslaught of recent world affairs has catapulted a large number of people who suffer from occasional anxiety to full-blown depression. The trouble, most individuals and/ or their managers might not even recognize it themselves. Whatsmore - depression in people with high intelligence is even more likely to ensure.

What triggers depression?

Isolation, because of a lack of connectivity to others. Our systems are designed to build connectivity between teams and prevent the onset of mental health issues. We are set out to address stress and anxiety in employees, build resilience, and strengthen the sense of achievement through accountability and purpose. Our technologies are the digitized research-based solution to offer professional, confidential employee assistance programs and provide guidance to managers when to refer their employees to professional guidance. 
Win the discourse with depression:
  • Offer managers the tools when to refer people to professional mental health assistance
  • Increase measurable, overall wellbeing for your employees (at work and at home)
  • Offer professional and confidential employee assistant programs
  • Maximize back-to-work transitions
  • Make data-driven decisions on the right remote and in-office productivity mix for your teams
  • Develop the wisdom to cope objectively with contemporary challenges, at home, and at work

Appellon helps reduce anxiety and depression

The Appellon Suite is integrated into a full end-to-end well-being and performance program for your organisation. A shift that can take place across an entire organisation or in individual departments and teams.

Global organisations have trusted Appellon for more than seven years to outperform their rivals within respective markets.

Meet some of the companies we have helped
Aged Care Results

The impact on culture, financial and operational performance for leading organisations speak for themselves:

  • Reduction from 1.8 to 0.7 in workers compensation incurred claims per $1M wages
  • Reduction of 50% in agency costs
  • Accreditation noncompliance reduced 
    from 23 to 0
  • 2 x profit* (EBITDA) per care bed $12,000
  • 10 x ROI $200K investment, $2M return – Beachside

Valued Customer
Government Results

The impact we have had on the performance of financial and operations teams within government organisations and their overall culture speak for themselves:

  • For the first time achieved six million customers
  • Reached 92% satisfaction rate across nearly 9,000 surveys
  • Greatest ever line up of world-class events
  • For the first time ever profitable on an EBIDTA basis (we will announce a multi-million dollar profit shortly!)
Valued Customer
Healthcare Results

The impact we have had on the performance of financial and operations teams within leading health organisations and their overall culture speak for themselves:

  • Walked out of special measures within two years
  • Cleared an 8,000 film backlog in radiology
  • A 12% increase in theatre utilisation
  • A £450K reduction in recruitment costs
  • Additionally, £600K recouped in workforce savings
  • A 10% reduction in bank and agency costs
  • A £398K reduction in leadership development training
Valued Customer

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Build better personal resilience and live a happier healthier life.

Assisting in the prevention of Staff Depression

Self Connect

A complete 8 week self-managed, psychologically based, on-line, well-being program designed to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mental health.

Team Connect

A world’s first digital platform to manage and measures optimal productivity mix, performance achievement and team connection for remote and office
based teams.

Leadership Connect

Measures wiser leadership practices. Wisdom is measured as being able to make decisions in the best interests of the organisation and not self.