Jeff Cooper

Chief Marketing Officer


The interests of the customers are on the Board agenda more than ever before. Indeed customer-centricity is the new governance imperative and there is a process to audit and map that transformation by the Board.

According to Commissioner Hayne (Royal Commission int Fin. Services & Banking), “companies are not faced with a binary choice between the interests of shareholders and those of customers." Over time, he argued the interests of different stakeholders will converge.

Customer-centricity used to be something that the marketing department was responsible for. But in the Age of the Customer, it needs to be at the heart of the business, from Board level down, which then ripples right through every department — from operations to marketing, sales, management, legal, and compliance.

A bit about Jeff
Jeff learnt his most valuable lessons in strategic thinking by investing his own money and working with some of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing businesses.

Using customer-centricity principles, Jeff has a particular passion and pedigree for transforming established businesses across financial services, aged care, healthcare, property, FMCG, professional services, and in B2B and B2C.

He’s got all the lessons (and scars) from more than a decade of growing Step Change, a strategic consultancy from conception to over 50 people that advise in all the ATO-recognised industries across 5 continents.

Through his career, Jeff has gained experience across all the critical functions of business (finance, people, systems, marketing, sales) and has worked directly inside commercial environments via several medium-term secondments in large organisations, assisted strategic projects, which included: customer experience & centricity, target market and sizing, team and capability building, brand development, product/market fit and testing, acquisition modelling and strategy, communication of intangible value, strategic marketing planning, and connecting marketing and sales to drive results.

In the age of the customer, Jeff brings a best practice governance framework for auditing, measuring and transforming organisations using customer-centricity.