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Help your people thrive despite the challenges of external forces that might feel threatening!

85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace which costs companies $450 - $500 Billion each year

- Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace 2021

Lead-Rite Block


Discover how to apply wiser ways of leading that promote individual well-being and focus on making decisions for the greater good!

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Behavioural Change

Our evidence based products supports improvements in individual well-being and to renormalise better ways of working together to focus on what counts most – achievement and connection

Work-Rite Block


Encourages ways of working that promotes individual well-being, alignment, focus on what counts while achieving organisational goals and purpose.

Culture & Collaboration

Create a happier more energised workforce – improve relationships and work outputs

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    Evidenced based approach to working better together
  • Rite Scores
    Improve employee and customer retention
  • Rite Scores
    Measure outputs, achievement and connection
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Behaviours Matter

Improve individual well-being through the application of behaviours that promote achievement and connection

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    Apply the rite behaviours to improve well-being
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    Applying the rite behaviours can prevent and reduce stress, anxiety, and prevent early onset mental health challenges
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    Aligning the rite behaviours will result in performance improvement

The Appellon Solution

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Performance & psychology technology

Appellon encouraging ways to lead and work rite because it matters. Improve well-being, achieve, connect and perform. Want to know how? Book your demo now!

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Evidence based

Simple software informed by rigorous science.

Companies with a highly engaged workforce are 21% more profitable

- Gallup’s Meta Analysis 2021

Our software service is all psychologically based, drawing on CBT, Behaviourism and Neuropsychological methods, all scientifically proven to support individual well-being, connection with others resulting in achievement orientated outcomes.
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Data & insights

Improve & measure employee wellbeing and business outcomes

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    Have your workforce show up feeling happier and more fulfilled
  • Rite Scores
    See early noticeable improvements in employee attitudes
  • Rite Scores
    Measure behavioural and performance outcomes
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Here's what our customers say

"We had a really robust discussion about the program yesterday afternoon and now that we have had almost 12 months exposure to the process, we are keen to keep moving forward as we are seeing real progress being made."

Cedars Christian College

“At a time when Navy needed to understand how well our Signature Behaviours were being embedded across our organisation, Appellon provided us with the means to do so. Appellon provided Navy with valuable measurement regarding how well our Signature Behaviours were being positively embraced and embedded within Navy's organisational culture. The outcomes provided Navy senior leaders with very important insights into the progress of one of the key outcomes of the New Generation Navy cultural reform program.”- Rear Admiral, Royal Australian Navy

Australian Navy

"I have thought quite a lot about the difference I feel the last 2 years have made since implementing the 4WardLeadership and Culture Program. I really feel that the process that we as leaders have been through, has been enormously helpful. While the 4wardSignature Behaviours have worked well and are statements everyone, including myself, would sign up to, the thing that has made the most difference in my approach, my confidence in leadership, my personal strength and happiness is the wisdom in the workplace model."- Divisional Director and Consultant Cardiologist

National Health Service

Aged Care - "Through successful investment in cultural transformation, A client aged care provider saw improvements around staff retention and staff commitment, giving rise to improved care and improved experiences for residents. A direct consequence of the investment in cultural transformation was the positive effect on brand through recognitions received by numerous staff members for outstanding performance" - PwC Partner


The program can seem quite simple on a first assessment but the sound psychological principles challenge the personal assumptions and approaches that can inhibit progress. As leaders learnnew ways of working, improvement starts and the energy and optimism begins, creating further improvement.Health is both an extremely rewarding, but also very challenging, career. One of the absolute highlights has been to see leaders start to experience the satisfaction of improvement andthe joy coming back into their professional lives. I would highly recommend the Appellon program to other CEOs.”- Adelaide PHN CEO

Adelaide PHN
Hospital & Healthcare

Client Testimonial

Psychology and performance technology

Appellon helps nurture psychologically safe workplaces where people and organisation's thrive.

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