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True success comes from executing strategy through your people.

All organisations across the globe, no matter what industry, sector or customer base, must continually learn to adapt and grow in rapidly changing markets. The increased expectations from customers, shareholders and regulators, as well as rapidly changing technologies is an additional, ongoing burden on top of defining and implementing your organisation's strategy. Having your workforce aligned and focused on executing your strategic initiatives is key to ensuring your organisation's success.

For over a decade, Appellon has been providing insights and solutions that align workforce members to the achievement of cultural and strategic success. In short, Appellon scientifically manages organisational culture through the way your workforce behaves, to deliver high-performance outcomes and, at the same time, increase workforce members' wellbeing.

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Our Values are our core beliefs, guiding and unifying our actions and behaviours.

Appellon started back in 2008, when founding Executive Director, Sue Jauncey, created a business called Pulse. The first product she developed was known as Board Pulse, which our Board Program was founded upon. The product and the business grew on both a national and international scale.

Since then, we have worked with organisations who faced a wide range of cultural challenges. Referrals and word-of-mouth marketing helped the business reach Europe in 2010, and New Zealand and the United Kingdom in 2014. Market demand for our unique methodology saw the business expand into the executive space (the creation of our Leadership Program) and across an entire spectrum of organisational cultures in 2011 (founding our Culture Program).

Our Capability

Appellon is now able to provide unique solutions aimed at harnessing human capability to private, government, as well as ASX- and FTSE-listed boards, management teams and organisations. From supporting global corporates through to NFPs, Appellon has assisted organisations realise and harness the capability of their people and significantly improve their overall business performance. We have helped our clients  to overcome challenges in a number of key areas, like increasing revenue growth and productivity, as well as improving health and safety and corporate governance.

Transition to Appellon Brand

In 2019, after two years of work on innovating our software solutions and further global expansions, the business decided to rebrand. We changed our name to Appellon, to bring together the culture system, methodology and approach under a name as unique as what we offer.