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Uplifting wellbeing & performance at work

At Appellon, we craft conditions for individuals and organisations to excel. In today's ever-evolving workspaces we rely on proven psychological insights and data to help drive improved wellbeing and performance. With a decade behind us, our focus remains: helping your organisation benefit from improved well-being and collective achievement.

Fostering personal growth & organisational success through collective achievement.

For over a decade, Appellon has empowered organisations with evidence-based psychological insights, promoting workforce well-being and goal alignment. We champion collective achievement, guiding teams to connect deeply with organisational objectives, ensuring both well-being enhancement and goal attainment.

There are over 10k + people benefiting from Appellon's platform improving their psychological resilience and well-being.
500k + Individuals have benefited from using our Lead-Rite and Work - Rite methods over the past decade
1.2B datapoints to evidence that the psychology behind Lead-Rite and Work-Rite is a human universal that matters!

Our signature behaviours

Principles that drive our actions and shape our identity.

Transform complexity into simplicity
Work together - win together
Imagine it - build it - make it happen
Focus on the issue, not the person

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