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Upcoming Work-Rite Webinars

Work-Rite Induction

Designed for: New staff members joining the Appellon Work-Rite Program.

Discover how to improve your quality of work life experience, individual well-being and create workforce conditions based on achievement and connection!

Join us to learn more about how you can transform your workplace experience.  

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Sue Jauncey Insight Session: The Physical and Psychological Impact of Working Collectively    

Join Sue Jauncey, Appellon Founder and Chief Psychologist to gain a deeper understanding of the impact that our thoughts have in creating a battle between the production of cortisol and oxytocin.  Learn new strategies to create conditions that will trigger more oxytocin which will ultimately provide you with better physical and mental health.    

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your quality of life experience.

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Sue Jauncey Insight Session: The Importance of Hopefulness in our Workplace

Join Sue Jauncey, Appellon Founder and Chief Psychologist to gain a deeper understanding about workplace learned helplessness and mitigation strategies to switch to learned hopefulness, inspiring your workforce to embrace opportunities to thrive.

In this insightful session, Sue will explore the concept of learned helplessness, its impact on individuals and organisation, providing practical approaches to apply new inspired ways of working.

Don’t miss this opportunity to feel re-energised and inspired!    

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Upcoming Lead-Rite Webinars

Lead-Rite Induction

Designed for: New leaders joining Appellon's Lead-Rite Program.

Discover how to apply wiser ways of leading that promote workforce engagement, staff well-being, performance acceleration and making decisions for the greater good!

Join us to learn how to apply wiser leadership behaviours and principles!

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C-Series - Engaging Your Workforce

Designed for: CEO's, C-Suite Executives and Senior leaders.

Join our webinar to discover insights and practical applications from Stephen Becsi OAM, CEO of Apollo Care.  Hear how Stephen leveraged technology, leader engagement, with a focus on showcasing achievements to achieve record breaking staff engagement outputs.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear a live case study impacting workforce engagement in the aged care sector!

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How to Guide - Sharing Performance Goals

Designed for: Leaders who want to learn more about the Appellon platform performance feature.    

Watch the below video to learn more about the performance goal sharing feature, how the performance goal feature works and how applying the performance goal feature will support the achievement of your priority performance goals!

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Upcoming Super-Admin Webinars

Managing Members

Designed for: Administrators of the Appellon Program who are managing workforce data.    

Keeping your workforce data up to date is critical for program integrity. This webinar provides a practical guide around how to add and remove members from the platform plus other helpful platform functions.  

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Here's what our customers say

"I have thought quite a lot about the difference I feel the last 2 years have made since implementing the 4WardLeadership and Culture Program. I really feel that the process that we as leaders have been through, has been enormously helpful. While the 4wardSignature Behaviours have worked well and are statements everyone, including myself, would sign up to, the thing that has made the most difference in my approach, my confidence in leadership, my personal strength and happiness is the wisdom in the workplace model."

- Divisional Director and Consultant Cardiologist

Aged Care - "Through successful investment in cultural transformation, A client aged care provider saw improvements around staff retention and staff commitment, giving rise to improved care and improved experiences for residents. A direct consequence of the investment in cultural transformation was the positive effect on brand through recognitions received by numerous staff members for outstanding performance"

- PwC Partner

"The program can seem quite simple on a first assessment but the sound psychological principles challenge the personal assumptions and approaches that can inhibit progress. As leaders learn new ways of working, improvement starts and the energy and optimism begins, creating further improvement. Health is both an extremely rewarding, but also very challenging, career. One of the absolute highlights has been to see leaders start to experience the satisfaction of improvement and the joy coming back into their professional lives. I would highly recommend the Appellon program to other CEOs.”

- Adelaide PHN CEO

Appellon helps nurture psychologically safe workplaces where people and organisation's thrive.